LNAFIN electronics-PCB


LNAFIN Oy offers Research & Design services for RF circuitry, integrated electronics and PCBs. We serve our customers with items such as top quality Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), PCB layout design, PCB Assembly Service (PCBA), RF design, MMIC Design and Electronics RD Services. These can be found grouped behind the Products tab. LNAFIN Oy is one of the few EU firms whose RF design experience is strong enough to deliver both RF integrated and MMIC circuits from customer specifications.

Order / Enquiry

Here our products and services can be ordered. You will find forms for both PCB-PWB orders and for layout and other design work description, whichever suits your present need best. A list of available payment methods has also been included.


LNAFIN blog pages have some videos, news, development notices…generally stuff which is important to us and to the customers. To make access easier, the Blog posts have been categorized¬† by publication year and some by topic. For example, there is a category for Blog posts including video-content called electronics-pcb-videos. Access to Blog categories and to three most recent posts is available in each page sidebar. Published design data is either from our own R&D projects, or it is included with customer consent.


Contact LNAFIN either using a contact form or via the Email-link.


LNAFIN introductions with personnel details, lists of publications and downloadable patents and books. A pdf company presentation can be found here.
Careers page concludes this section by describing both currently open positions and our ideal future collegue(s). If no positions are presently open but you feel that you would fit in, please send us your resume for future reference.