Wireless Energy Test Video Published

LNAFIN Wireless Energy Transmission First Test

Wireless energy transmission (WET) has been gaining momentum lately. The Wireless Power Consortium is a standardization organization, which promotes wireless energy transmission techniques.In the last year 2012 this technology finally got some other use than toothbrush charging, when Nokia made it available as a wireless charger for its high-end Lumia 920 model.

Interested in wireless energy transmission ? Then watch our video presentation on youtube:

It is still prudent to say that WET remains a challenge, at least if the devices are not touching and if the power is higher than sub-1-Watt. In this video we take a little step towards that difficutl region. Our results include transmission distances in excess of 2.5 cm and powers around 1 Watt. Also some tweaking to the energy transmission path is suggested at the end of the video.