LNAFIN Oy Trademark (TM) Registered

LNAFIN Oy registered TrademarkLNAFIN Oy Trademark Registration Celebrates Exports to 6 Countries Worldwide

To celebrate our starting sixth year in business, we have registered our trademark (TM) at the Finnish Patents and Trademark office. Our trademark LNAFIN cube logo is shown here with the famous circled R-letter. Its basic idea is to combine words LNA and FIN in a graphic form. LNA stands for Low-Noise Amplifier, which is a key block in most radio systems. We have one US patent on LNA structures. As for FIN: that stands for Finland. LNAFIN Oy operates from Helsinki, Finland, and we also wanted to give credit to great Finnish RF and electronics engineers.

Growing customer base has been one of the key reasons for TM regisration. This Spring our export destination count reached 6 different countries such as: USA, Russia, Denmark, Great Britain etc. We appreciate our customers’ trust very much and we will live up to it in the future too. We have delivered various printed circuit board related products such as PCB design, PCB sales and electronics assembly services.