LNAFIN2 is a Q-band LNA

MMIC Design Sheet: LNAFIN2 is a Q-band LNA

Esa Tiiliharju, doct.tech(EE), LNAFIN Oy, https://www.LNAFIN.com/, eti@LNAFIN.com

MMIC Information

This web-page is re-production of a MMIC design sheet we have assembled for our Q-band LNA project. This chip has been recently fabricated and its simulated performance is shown in this post. The chip fabrication is part of our Q-band ESA project blogged here. The low-noise amplifier has 4-stages, and it has a simulated state-of-the-art performance with low Noise Figure (NF), high gain and good broadband 50-Ω matching.

  • Circuit Name: LNAFIN2, Circuit Function: Q-Band Low-Noise Amplifier (LNA).
  • MMIC size: 3×2 mm2.
  • Foundry: Ommic 70-nm mHemt D007IH.

One stage stability analysis with the probe-method.

Stability verification example using the gprobe2-method. Circuit response is stable in all
loading conditions when probed values remain within -1. . . +1.

Simulated Performance Table

Parameter Unit LNA#2
Centre frequency GHz 40.0
Bandwidth GHz 12.8
Gain dB 31.4
Noise figure dB 1.2
Output 1-dB compression dBm 4
Input return loss dB 22.4
Output return loss dB 21.9
Stability   Unconditional
DC power consumption mW 153.6
Operating temperature °C -25 to +75
PORT1 bw RL=18 dB GHz 14.8
PORT2 bw RL=20 dB GHz 66.1

Note: linearity (1-dB compression) is limited by the small-signal models, which have
only few biasing points. We have done the large signal simulations with biasing points, which correspond to tabulated small-signal characteristics.

Simulated 2-port Characteristics

S21 and S11 of the Q-band LNA.

Simulated 2-port Characteristics: LNA_MMIC_2port 1

Simulated NF performance of the Q-band LNA.

Linear stability factors of the Q-band LNA.