ASIC Consulting by LNAFIN Oy

A low-pass filter CMOS ASIC implementation.A 0.35-um SiGe ASIC microwave amplifier circuit. A 130-nm CMOS custom integrated circuit.

The acronym ASIC stands for an Application Specific Integrated Circuit. Historically ASIC circuits have played the role of an important enabler for modern mobile phones. Today this technology could be an unbeatable tool for other markets as well.

Three Reasons to Choose Us for Your ASIC Implementation ?

  1. Experience. Overall we have experience of over a dozen IC projects with different techologies. Most of these have worked well, but we are aware of the costly pitfalls w.r.t. testing etc.
  2. Flexibility. Typically we could either implement your design or help with the schematic design process itself. Our strengths lie in mixed signal and RF designs. Additionally, we can consult, even travel to your location in case you need help on-site.
  3. Testing. We have a lot of experience in testing our own circuits. Furthermore, we have supported customer prototyping since 2011 so our PCB and assembly service is well tested and useful.

The ASIC approach excels in high-voltage applications, to increase realiability via decreased component count etc. For very high microwave frequencies please check our MMIC page

Returning back to ASICs we would like to point out that the IC marketplace is today filled with economical, yet high performance fabrication choices. These include foundries for both CMOS and more exotic technologies such as 180-nm CMOS or good GaAs foundries. Moreover, the software market has been changing with other player emerging than Cadence. We can combine these developments to lower your ASIC development costs, if you so wish. Nevertheless, we also have a lot of experience of using the standard Cadence tools.

ASIC Advantage

CMOS 65-nm RF-ASIC block. IC design means implementation of dozens-to-thousands of separate components onto a single tiny microchip. Thus your design will become more dependaple, more secret, and its performance will increase. We can justifiably tout increased reliability, as this is based on the fact that an IC replaces hundreds-to-thousands of discrete components. With this, we can also eliminate respective solder joints as well. Thus the product overall cost can be reduced. The product IP is better protected too. It is difficult and expensive to reverse-engineer an ASIC. For ASIC implementation, we propose that you will save a lot of money by using our integration service.

We can use 130-nm and 180-nm CMOS or more exotic processes such as GaAs or SOI to realize customer ASIC designs. Thus we can always propose the most cost effective solution for any need such as high-voltage operation, radiation hardened IC, microwave performance, logic integration etc.