PCB Assembly – PCBA


LNAFIN Oy is a professional supplier of electronics assembly (PCBA).

PCB assembly (PCBA) is what we have been doing for years during different projects: putting together prototypes with components we have sourced. We aim to share the benefits of our experience with our customers.

Do you need printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) with no minimum series, or a thousand sample case? We can support you with a good service and guaranteed good result using an optimized combination of our tested supplier network and in-house work.
All our products conform to ROHS.


Laser-Cut Paste Stencils

Laser-Cut Paste Stencils Support Tight Pitch Packages

A Laser-Cut Paste Stencil delivered by LNAFIN Oy for a PCBA case.A paste stencil is used to deliver solder paste to surface mount (SMT) component pads on the circuit boards. The solder paste can be squeezed to all component pads simultaneously through tiny openings lasered to the steel. A typical stencil product is made of 0.10-0.12-mm steel. But for more demanding cases we have delivered stencils in 0.075mm steel. This guarantees successful solder paste application for 0.4mm pitch packages. The pictured paste stencil is made in 0.12mm steel and it has pad openings for both sides of the PCB. This saves the cost of one stencil.

Required Data / Parts Sourcing

Printed circuit board assembly cases need the bill-of-materials (BOM) to start with. We also need the centroid file and gerber files for PCB. A centroid file has to include each part ID, xy-cordinates, orientation and PCB side information (TOP or BOTTOM). The gerber files need to include data for both TOP and BOTTOM only. If we are not the PCB supplier, then we need to know the PCB material, thickness and surface finish.

We can source the components for you as a service. This is safe for you since we only use large suppliers such as DigiKey or Mouser. For a small fee you will get the correct number of components at the right time.