RF-MMIC Design

MMIC-design example: 40-GHz 2.92-mm connector test board.MMIC design example: a complementary bipolar SiGe IC operating upto 10 GHz.

RF and MMIC Design with extensive experience

We at LNAFIN Oy have done a lot of design work at different microwave frequencies. Before microwave design work, we have done many RF and even baseband ASIC designs. As a result, the MMIC design workflow we use is fluent. We have included pictures above the page title to show a couple of examples of our past work in the field. These pictures show a 40-GHz 2.92-mm connector test PCB on the left, and a complementary bipolar SiGe IC on the right.

The 2.92-mm connectors in the leftmost picture are called K-connectors in the US. Presently we use Microwave Office for such planar design tasks, and FEM or a time-domain EM-simulator for the  3D electromagnetic simulations. In comparison, the MMIC on the right has been designed using the well-known IC design package Virtuoso etc. from Cadence. Our staff member has had a supervisor and co-designer role in the project.

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2.5D / 3D EM-Modeling Solutions

RF-PCB EM-simulator 3D-view.Co-planar waveguide EM-simulator 3D-view.
In addition, we have a lot of experience of EM-modeling and testing planar RF circuit structures such as the RF-PCB shown (left). Thus we routinely apply electromagnetic simulation (EM simulation) tools to model different planar and 3D structures. We have included pictures of typical modeling situtations on this web-page. For example the two-part picture above shows one case, where we have imported circuit board manufacturing data. These are typically in gerber-format. After successful import of the data, we have modeled the board at microwave frequencies. This we did by application of a planar a EM-simulation tool to the purpose. In this particular instance, the simulator has been Keysight Momentum. After simulation, we have extracted useful data such as: s-parameter vector files (Touchstone), extracted RLC-element models, near-field and far-field graphics.

3D FEM Modeling with Best Tools




MMIC reference: LNAFIN Oy is an ESA supplier.

Further information about our Q-band LNA MMIC design project for the European Space Agency (ESA) can be found on the official ESA www-page (screenshot is shown below). There we have written details about related electromagnetic simulator and about Microwave Office application in our blog post on the subject titled “Waveguide Packaged MMIC LNA Design Draws Attention.”
MMIC design reference.