PCB Design

PCB Design by LNAFIN OyLNAFIN Oy PCB design service

  • Multi-layer FPGA applications.
  • RF PCB design.
  • Large current motor control.

For a successful design we need

  • Schematics (pdf ok too).
  • Planned PCB dimensions.
  • Design time.

4 Reasons to Choose Our PCB Layout Design Service

1. Experience

We design all PCB layout variants. We have realized both complex circuit board layouts and simple thick copper motor control cards. Among the most demanding cards we would like to mention printed circuit boards for both FPGA and RF applications. LNAFIN Oy PCB design: we design all PCB layout variants. We have realized both demanding circuit board layouts and simple motor control cards. Among the most demandig cards we would like to mention drawn PCBs for both FPGA and RF applications. We also understand the requirements for low interference and high-current designs.

2. Prototyping Support

As we have delivered prototypes and assembled small series since 2011, we have a very good understanding of practical PCB layout requirements. Please see our pages for Prototypes Development and for PCB Assembly to get further information.

3. Modeling Support

Modeling support ? With ASIC design background and with current RF-MMIC focus there is really no limit to modeling support we can provide our customers with. We can apply MentorGraphics HyperLynx to get good timing and interference models on during layout design, or simply double-check trace delays. Electro-magnetic analysis can be utilized so as to verify track impedances etc. for example in cases when there is little space available for proper ground planes or to verify striplines.

4. Supported CAD Packages

We have lots of experience of the Mentor Graphics PADS program (very popular in Finland). Additionally we support EAGLE, Cadence OrCad and Sprint programs. We also support free CAD-tools such as KiCad, designSpark and expressPCB softwares.

Case: FPGA and Satellite Circuit 10-Layer PCB Routing

This 10-layer Xilinx board on FR4 has extremely dense routing, yet good performance. We have routed the FPGA-board in the picture as a 10-layer solution without special structures such as blind vias etc. As a result, the client has gotten an inexpensive, fully functional, tiny processor board including memory and their own custom processor solution. The board also has an RJ-45 ethernet connector operating at RF frequencies. We have designed the microstrips connecting this connector to the FPGA-processor. We have also drawn the successor for the pictured work. That Xilinx-processor boards includes a DDR2-memory, which is driven at the full 800-MHz clock frequency.