Prototype Development

Prototype Development Service by LNAFIN Oy


  • We have a lot of prototype electronics R&D experience.
  • The pictures depict some R&D activities: matlab system
    performance modeling (upper left), and RF amplifier
    measurements (upper right).
  • In addition to the listed services, we can offer thermal analysis of planar structures. The picture below shows PADS flotherm tool simulation example.



SMT-THT Conversions and other Miniaturization Tasks for Prototypes

Circuit re-design has reduced multiple PCB system to a single multilayer board with SMT components only.

SMT-THT conversions and other miniaturization tasks for
prototypes can results in much smaller size, simpler structure and
higher performance.

We support electronics prototype development by: conversion of old electronics, miniaturization of equipment, design of high-speed parts etc. For example through-hole (THT) component conversion to surface mount (SMT) components pays back in reduced assembly cost and reduced product size. Additionally, the product performance might be improved as well. Page picture depicts an example of what a multi-PCB system conversion to a single PCB system can accomplish. Such a system uses less area and performs better.