About Us


LNAFIN Oy is a limited liability RF-MMIC-PCB company based in Helsinki, Finland. We have roots in Finnish university electronics and integrated circuit research. Our purpose is to leverage all the skills and knowledge gained in over twenty years of research to customer benefit. Company name also shows our in-house interest in Low-Noise Amplifiers (LNA) plus FIN stands for Finland to show appreaciation for company birth country. This interest to LNAs has led us to win ESA supplier status (RF-MMIC project). Since 2011 we have also succesfully supplied PCBs and PCB layout designs to industrial customers.


CAD and measurement tools

List of software packages that we have used professionally is fairly complete for many mixed-mode, RF and DC design needs. Most of Cadence and Mentor Graphics tools are included. We have also used PADS, Orcad, DesignSpark, Agilent ADS and Momentum, AWR MicrowaveOffice and many Spice circuit simulator variants (eldo, hspice, spice3f5, LTspice). In addition, analysis and measurement arrangements have frequently required us to use Matlab, both Linux and Windows workstations, VEE measurement scripting etc.

On the equipment side we have used major test-sets from both Agilent and Rohde&Schwarz. Our DUTs (device under test) have included bare ICs, wire-bonded and plastic packaged electronics prototypes.