Wirebonding service

  • Wirebonding is needed for connecting naked integrated circuits to PCB. We support both ASIC and RFIC with this service.
  • The picture shows one wirebonding example delivered by us. In the picture 25-μm Aluminium wires are used to connect to the Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG) surfaced Rogers PCB.
  • LNAFIN Oy has also delivered the Rogers PCB shown in the picture. This is a rather demanding special material board with 100 μm min. track width/track separation.
  • Wirebonding is also needed, when single-layer capacitors (SLC) are used. These special elements are the fastest possible by-pass capacitance type available off-chip.

bare die wirebonding on a tight tolereance Rogers boards with ENIG surface finish. Both supplied by us.
We support both RFIC and digital ASIC testing with our wirebonding service. The picture shows one example case. There a small CMOS IC has been connected to the evaluation board. The bond-wires are 25um Aluminium (Al) wires, and the PCB is a Rogers 4350B board with an ENIG surface finish. ENIG stands for Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold, and it is an aluminium wire bondable PCB surface finish. We have also supplied the PCBs for this case. These boards have a demanding specification. This is due to the fact that implementing the desired min. track width/track separation of 100um on the special Rogers material remains a challenge even today. Based on the success of this case and many others, we would like to welcome your inquiries.