Sprint Layout files for PCB production!

LNAFIN Oy now Adds Sprint 6.0 Files for accepted PCB Production Data

Sprint Layout acceptedSprint PCB layout design program is useful for the printed circuit designer who wants to layout designs directly without schematic entry or any such complexities. This simple productive tool offers professional PCB layout capabilities such as design reuse etc. and is thus very popular both in professional and hobbyist circles. In recognition of that, LNAFIN Oy has decided to start accepting native sprint files for PCB deliveries. These can also be used for prototype and series PCB assembly services when good Bill-of-Materials (BOM) is also included in the zip-file.

Several PCB Layout Programs Supported

LNAFIN Oy has long supported several PCB layout programs such as: Mentorgraphics PADS, Eagle, and KiCAD. PCB layout design services are also available using these tools as based on customer schematic files. The Sprint data format complements our previously supported express-PCB PCB production in the sense that both tools focus on layout-only PCB approach. Here’s the Sprint quick logo for those who recognize that better:
Sprint Layout accepted