Notes on LNAFIN & Circuit Boards to Start 2013

PCB and Other Issues to Start a New Year with!

Our printed circuit board and electronics products found their first customers in Finland in 2012, so the end of the year 2012 did not see many blog postings from us! This is gonna change, especially as these English pages have now been published.

Good PCB Customer Response to Start 2013

It is a great pleasure to report that we have happy customers. A direct quote (with customer permission) explains it best:

  • Today i get from Post office my PCB boards. They look absolute great!!
    There was no need of that text layer on top, but otherwise .. look
    fantastic, and already i wish to start soldering elements :-)
    Thanks again and for sure my future orders will be from your company !

Laser-cut steel paste stencils from LNAFIN with the best possible price-quality ratio!We have also delivered Laser paste stencils in 2012!

A framed paste stencil much like the one shown here has been delivered to our customer to start 2013. Pre-tensioned in a steel frame, the 0.12-mm steel paste stencil performs well when it is used in administering ROHS tin paste to dense PCB layouts (the picture is shown with customer permission).