Prototyping PCB video

Doing prototyping work ? Then watch our video presentation on 4L PCB plus a paste stencil:

Prototyping PCB Do-It-Yourself SMT assembly

Since surface-mount technology (SMT) electronics components are getting more common, electronics enthusiasts need to know their options for prototyping PCB designs which have such elements. Especially the shoestring budget do-it-yourself (DIY) guys have been leveraging painful techniques such as hand-soldering or spreading the solder paste on each pad separately. We wanted to point out that your options also include the use a paste stencil, which can add surprisingly little to the PCB price. A steel solder paste stencil (laser defined or etched openings) lets you squeeze the tin paste onto every component pad simultaneously, which saves a lot of efforts and properly applied also makes the job better. As part of our service we will find the lowest cost solution fitting your component pitch.