Microwave Circuit Chapter Accessed 8000 Times

Intech Open Access Book on Microwave Circuits

Microwave Circuits Book Chapter on High-speed SiGe and CMOS Buffering
This May 2014 LNAFIN CEO Tiiliharju got this pleasant email from the Intech Open Access publisher:

We are pleased to inform you that your paper “Complementary High-Speed SiGe and CMOS Buffers” has achieved impressive readership results. The chapter you have published with InTech in the book “Advanced Microwave Circuits and Systems” has so far been accessed 8000 times. Congratulations on the significant
impact that your work has achieved to date.

The top downloads of your paper are from the following five countries:
United States of America
United Kingdom

The Book Chapter can be found here.

The link gives free access to the chapter. BibTeX reference .bib file can be downloaded here. The chapter discusses different high-speed buffering implementations including CEO’s personal IC implementations in both complementary Sige and nanometer CMOS. Other than our CEO’s chapter, the book has chapters from different microwave circuit experts worldwide. For example the chapter on s-parameter techniques from the Linköping University might be a good reference. The chapter is titled “Mixed-Mode S-Parameters and Conversion Techniques.”